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RedisAI Examples

The following sections consist of various sample projects and python notebook examples showing the uses for RedisAI.

To contribute your example (and get the credit for it), click the "Edit this page" button at the top to submit a Pull Request.

Sample projects

This is a list of RedisAI sample projects that can be used as-is or as an inspiration source.

Example Description Author License URL
RedisAI showcase Demonstrates using RedisAI functionality, backends and clients RedisLabs MIT git
ChatBotDemo An example of using RedisAI and a Web App for Conversational AI (i.e. chatbot) RedisLabs Apache-2.0 git
AnimalRecognitionDemo An example of using Redis Streams, RedisGears and RedisAI for Realtime Video Analytics (i.e. filtering cats) RedisLabs BSD-3-Clause git
EdgeRealtimeVideoAnalytics An example of using Redis Streams, RedisGears, RedisAI and RedisTimeSeries for Realtime Video Analytics (i.e. counting people) RedisLabs Apache-2.0 git
demo-market-basket-analysis An exmaple of prediciting shopping baskets on passed purchases RedisLabs git