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RedisAI is a Redis module for executing Deep Learning/Machine Learning models and managing their data. Its purpose is being a "workhorse" for model serving, by providing out-of-the-box support for popular DL/ML frameworks and unparalleled performance. RedisAI both maximizes computation throughput and reduces latency by adhering to the principle of data locality , as well as simplifies the deployment and serving of graphs by leveraging on Redis' production-proven infrastructure.

Where Next?

  • The Introduction is the recommended starting point
  • The Quickstart page provides information about building, installing and running RedisAI
  • The Commands page is a reference of the RedisAI API
  • The RedisGears integration page is a reference of the built-in integration of RedisGears with RedisAI via a Python plugin.
  • The Clients page lists RedisAI clients by programming language
  • The Configuration page explains how to configure RedisAI
  • The Performance page provides instructions for running benchmarks with RedisAI
  • The Developer page has more information about the design and implementation of the RedisAI module

Contact Us

If you have questions, want to provide feedback or perhaps report an issue or contribute some code , here's where we're listening to you:


RedisAI is licensed under the Redis Source Available License Agreement .