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Developer notes


Compile after settting the environment variable DEBUG , e.g. export DEBUG=1 , to include the debugging information.


Python is required for RedisJSON's module test. Install it with apt-get install python . You'll also need to have redis-py installed. The easiest way to get it is using pip and running pip install redis .

The module's test can be run against an "embedded" disposable Redis instance, or against an instance you provide to it. The "embedded" mode requires having the redis-server executable in your PATH . To run the tests, run the following in the project's directory:

$ # use a disposable Redis instance for testing the module
$ make test

You can override the spawning of the embedded server by specifying a Redis port via the REDIS_PORT environment variable, e.g.:

$ # use an existing local Redis instance for testing the module
$ REDIS_PORT=6379 make test


  1. Prerequisites: pip install mkdocs mkdocs-material
  2. To build and serve locally: make localdocs
  3. To deploy to the website: make deploydocs