Run-time Configuration

RedisGraph supports a few run-time configuration options that can be defined when loading the module. In the future more options will be added.

Passing configuration options on module load

Passing configuration options is done by appending arguments after the --loadmodule argument when starting a server from the command line or after the loadmodule directive in a Redis config file. For example:

In redis.conf:

loadmodule ./ OPT1 OPT2

From the command line:

$ redis-server --loadmodule ./ OPT1 OPT2

RedisGraph configuration options


The number of threads in RedisGraph's thread pool. This is equivalent to the maximum number of queries that can be processed concurrently.


THREAD_COUNT defaults to the system's processor count.


$ redis-server --loadmodule ./ THREAD_COUNT 4 


The maximum number of threads that OpenMP may use for computation. These threads are used for parallelizing GraphBLAS computations, so may be considered to control concurrency within the execution of individual queries.


OMP_THREAD_COUNT is defined by GraphBLAS by default.


$ redis-server --loadmodule ./ OMP_THREAD_COUNT 1