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RediSearch Client Libraries

RediSearch has several client libraries, written by the module authors and community members - abstracting the API in different programming languages.

While it is possible and simple to use the raw Redis commands API, in most cases it's easier to just use a client library abstracting it.

Currently available Libraries

Language Library Author License Stars
Python redisearch-py Redis Inc BSD redisearch-py-stars
Java (Jedis client library) JRediSearch Redis Inc BSD JRediSearch-stars
Java (Lettuce client library) lettusearch Redis Inc Apache-2.0 lettusearch-stars
Java spring-redisearch Redis Inc Apache-2.0 spring-redisearch-stars
Java redis-modules-java dengliming Apache-2.0 redis-modules-java-stars
Go redisearch-go Redis Inc BSD redisearch-go-stars
JavaScript RedRediSearch Kyle J. Davis MIT RedRediSearch-stars
JavaScript redis-redisearch Kyle J. Davis MIT redis-redisearch-stars
TypeScript redis-modules-sdk Dani Tseitlin BSD-3-Clause redis-modules-sdk-stars
C# NRediSearch Marc Gravell MIT NRediSearch-stars
PHP php-redisearch MacFJA MIT php-redisearch-stars
PHP redisearch-php (for RediSearch v1) Ethan Hann MIT redisearch-php-stars
PHP Redisearch (for RediSearch v2) Front MIT front-redisearch-stars
Ruby on Rails redi_search_rails Dmitry Polyakovsky MIT redi_search_rails-stars
Ruby redisearch-rb Victor Ruiz MIT redisearch-rb-stars
Ruby redi_search Nick Pezza MIT redi_search-stars

Other available Libraries

Language Library Author License Stars Comments
Rust redisearch-api-rs Redis Inc BSD redisearch-api-rs-stars API for Redis Modules written in Rust