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JRediSearch - RediSearch Java Client


JRediSearch is a Java library abstracting the API of the RediSearch Redis module, that implements a powerful in-memory search engine inside Redis.

See full documentation at .

Usage example

Initializing the client:

import io.redisearch.client.Client;
import io.redisearch.Document;
import io.redisearch.SearchResult;
import io.redisearch.Query;
import io.redisearch.Schema;


Client client = new Client("testung", "localhost", 6379);

Defining a schema for an index and creating it:

Schema sc = new Schema()
                .addTextField("title", 5.0)
                .addTextField("body", 1.0)

client.createIndex(sc, Client.IndexOptions.Default());

Adding documents to the index:

Map<String, Object> fields = new HashMap<>();
fields.put("title", "hello world");
fields.put("body", "lorem ipsum");
fields.put("price", 1337);

client.addDocument("doc1", fields);

Searching the index:

// Creating a complex query
Query q = new Query("hello world")
                    .addFilter(new Query.NumericFilter("price", 0, 1000))

// actual search
SearchResult res =;